Dana and Henry Get Married!!

There is nothing quite as beautiful as Flagstaff, Arizona in the Fall, unless you are this lovely bride getting married in this amazing  venue.

Dana and Henry #1-404

I was offered the opportunity to capture the marriage of two wonderful parents in my old stomping grounds and I feel so blessed to have been able to witness their incredible ceremony at the Flagstaff Nordic Center at the base of the San Francisco Peaks.

Dana and Henry #3-124


Henry and Dana’s ceremony in the forest was filled with love, faith and a huge focus on their family.

Dana and Henry #2-260 Dana and Henry #2-262

Both bring amazing children to their marriage. The three boys, now brothers, were dressed with simple bow ties and they managed to stay very clean while I was taking their photos, even with the wet grounds of the Coconino National Forest.

Dana and Henry #2-419


Anyone who knows anything about Flagstaff knows that the weather is unpredictable. In fact, the old saying goes “Don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Well, you may not be able predict the weather but you can anticipate something in the early Fall in Northern Arizona and that’s afternoon showers.  And while rain is not ideal for an outdoor lunch wedding, the light drizzle that sprinkled us provided for  good luck for the bride and groom, not to mention cooler temperatures and some fabulous umbrellas and rain boots.

Dana and Henry #3-55 Dana and Henry #3-322



The details of this gorgeous outdoor wedding were beyond “Pin worthy” and there were few things that the Bride, Dana, didn’t think of for her big day.

From delicious and beautiful food, including cupcakes and individual pies for dessert, to simple bouquets of baby’s breath in mason jars with splashes of turquoise decorating the long picnic table for a family style lunch, the forest themed party was nothing short of exquisite .

I had so much fun getting to know this couple and I hope the memories of their big day are as beautiful as these pictures!


A family of beautiful little stair steps!

Meliisa E 1-282

When photographing families, especially big families, you never know what is going to happen or how long you have smiles on their happy little faces….

The “E” family consists of four beautiful daughters and they are complete stair steps ranging in age from 1 1/2 to eight years old.

I was introduced to Abby, Courtney, Madi, and Emily, and mom, Melissa, said “Just remember ACME to help keep their names straight.”

Meliisa E 1-183

I couldn’t help but giggle as I took her advice as I had a flash back to the Wile E. Coyote vs. the Roadrunner cartoon and the ACME Dynamite. And with four girls with four very strong personalities, I was like the Coyote waiting for the dynamite to go off, but it never did and these parents made it look very easy!

Melissa E waterfall-1Meliisa E 1-418Meliisa E 1-6

I don’t know how these parents do it, but these little beauties were dressed perfectly, remained clean and their hair all stayed in place for our photo shoot.

Meliisa E 2-5Meliisa E 1-143

Meliisa E 1-350Meliisa E 1-298Meliisa E 1-244Meliisa E 1-199

When you have four very bold personalities in front of the camera at one time… you get some funny outtakes too!

 Meliisa E 1-301

Their shoes however did find their way in the water and the laughter followed as they watched their pink slip ons, slip away down a little stream!

Meliisa E 1-576

Head shots, hiking, and tickets to the gun show

I love my job! I get to take great pictures of fantastic people! My friend Amy is a personal trainer, health coach and mommy extraordinare! She kicks booty and takes names on a daily basis and I got to be the one to take her professional head shots!

Amy 1-11 Amy 1-62

In addition to being like one of the coolest women I know, Amy is a ton of fun! I mean it when I say, she could kick your booty into shape… because she is in stellar shape…

Amy 1-52Amy 2-5

And has some serious guns!

Amy 2-18 Amy 2-50

i had so much fun capturing all of her hard work. She is such an inspiring person… After taking these pictures I was certainly inspired to get to the gym!

Amy 2-29  Amy 2-87 Amy 3-3

Amy, I hope these head shots help your growing business take off!

Amy 1-58

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