Some “Powerful” eyes!

powers holidays 2013-74

It is a great experience to get to watch families grow. It feels like yesterday that I took the little guy above’s newborn pics… then he turned one… and now he is nearly a little boy! Miss A, on the other hand,  blows my mind. I met her for the first time at her two year old photo shoot.

She was chatty, polite and tooooo sweet! Getting to see her grow into a beautiful little girl is amazing! She was so much fun to photograph this time around, as she is getting pretty good at taking instructions! AND MAN… DO I love those big brown eyes on both kiddos!

powers holidays 2013-363

Have I said that it makes my day to see those big brown eyes!! She is such a great little subject! And she wasn’t afraid to dance and have some fun with me!

powers holidays 2013-395

Addison so adorable-1

Her brother is great too! He is showing so much personality and starting to chat it up – he has to in order to keep up with big sis!

powers holidays 2013-36

A special thanks to the “P” family who keep asking me to capture great images like these year after year!!

powers holidays 2013-288





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