Amazing love!

I am a sucker for family and siblings that still want to pose in age rank order even as they approach their late 20’s and 30’s.

Pruett Steele 2013-286

This extended family makes sure to book me every year so that they all can get together for an annual holiday picture. In the time I have been photographing them, there have been big changes to the “S” family!

Pruett Steele 2013-219

These two parents are so in love after more than three decades of marriage and are an amazing example for their children. They still smile and laugh joyously and more importantly they still love to flirt and show a little PDA.

Pruett Steele 2013-108

They are so proud of their three children and their successes. A fact you can see in their friendly banter and subtle family inside jokes they share that keep the photo session light and breezy!

As I continue to get to know this extended family, seeing the big life changes is just awesome! You can tell Mama S and Dad S feel that awesomeness as well!  There has been an engagement and recently a wedding for one of their children and the recent birth of another grandchild. It is a pleasure to be able to be a fly on the wall that gets to witness such a family filled with LOVE!

Pruett Steele 2013-250

Pruett Steele 2013-490Pruett Steele 2013-463Pruett Steele 2013-180Pruett Steele 2013-165


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