A bright new start!

Hi everyone,

As many of you know for the past three years that I have been photographing your families and important life events, I have been doing so as a full time working mom! I am pleased as punch and so excited to announce that I am officially a photographer ( and, of course, a mommy) full time! Recently, my husband Rick was offered an amazing position in the Pacific Northwest! This meant, however, me leaving my awesome position with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and moving all of us up to one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. So, we have packed up and relocated to Redmond, Washington, a quaint suburb just east of the booming metropolis of SEATTLE!

Our journey has just begun and we cannot get enough of the vast amounts of green and fantastic fall colors. There must be something about the all of the green, because even with the ever-constant drizzle and the cool fall temperatures we have found that people here are so warm and inviting! We cannot wait to grow and plant our roots in this area. All things amazing do not come without a bit of a challenge. I am a stranger in these parts and have to start all over to grow my beloved business! I am happy to get started!



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